Residency, 21st - 27th June 2018Marie-Élaine Guay

During this residency, Marie-Élaine Guay will expand on her ongoing research on medicinal plants as well as writing, and explore its relation to printmaking. The starting point for this research will take place at the Porto Botanic Gardens and will focus on the historical and physical aspects of the garden, as well as its extensive diversity and collection. The Illustration School provides therefore a space for people with multiple specialities and backgrounds to interact with illustration and illustrators, towards the production of a publication and the examination of the processes these opportunities create. This residency exists to facilitate the bridging between research from different disciplines and illustration.

This investigation will be documented by Uncanny Editions with the goal of producing a limited edition botanic publication illustrating Marie-Élaine’s research and writing. The publication should be published at the end of 2018.


Marie-Elaine Guay graduated from Montreal Botanical Garden Horticultural School (Canada) since 2014. Gardener at the City of Montreal and harvester since 2015. Founder of Skog Natural Products. A project that also offers various natural products workshops related to consumer awareness. Poetess, she will publish her first book entitled “Castagnettes” at Del Busso editions in September 2018.

Marie-Elaine Guay est diplômée de l’École des métiers de l’horticulture du Jardin Botanique de Montréal (Canada) depuis 2014. Jardinière à la Ville de Montreal et cueilleuse en milieu forestier depuis 2015. Fondatrice de l’entreprise Skog Produits Naturels. Un projet qui offre aussi des ateliers de fabrication de produits naturels diverses en lien avec la conscientisation en matière de consommation. Poétesse, elle publiera son premier recueil intitulé “Castagnettes” aux éditions Del Busso en septembre 2018.

Workshop, 23nd June (15h-18h)Jardim Botanico do Porto

This workshop will provide an overlap between botanics, creative writing and printmaking, and it will take place at the Jardim Botânico do Porto. It will be divided into two parts.
First, horticulturist and writer Marie-Élaine Guay will collect different types of medicinal plants from the Porto Botanic Gardens. She will teach how to recognise them in their natural environment, as well as their properties. This will form the structure to introduce creative writing and its relation to the selected plants, questioning their different aspects and context.
In the second part of the workshop, printmaker Alexandra Rafael will introduce ways in which it is possible to both visually document the plants collected with transfer tools, and explore their formal qualities to produce visual narratives in tandem with the writing.

Price: 10€ per person
Material needed: pen, pencil, paper (or note book)

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