Residency, 14th - 20th July 2019Inês Neto dos Santos

Over a year after her first residency at the Illustration School, Inês Neto dos Santos will return in July 2019 to extend her research on food as a process for critical thinking, making and debate. While working with food as a medium in her practice, Inês understood its inherent ephemerality: food is perishable matter. It is either consumed or left to rot. In both scenarios, it either disappears or is, at least, transformed unrecognisably. While taking advantage of this to approach food as a performative practice, questions regarding the longevity of food are raised: how can we extend the life of food — not itself, but particularly the stories and narratives that are built within it? What is the role of vessels, containers, objects in an edible context and how can they work as archives of an ephemeral experience? Can they be seen as cues for the re-telling of stories and re-building of narratives?

Her residency will overlap with this year’s edition of the Illustration School, titled RAW, and take cues from this topic, applying it through an understanding of raw material and its relationship to a particular place and time. Inês will collaborate with ceramicist and architect Madalena Marques to produce ceramics as a result of her residency, while questioning the intersections between her practice, research and pedagogy.


Inês Neto dos Santos is a multi-disciplinary artist, born in Lisbon (1992) and based in London – where she completed an MA in Visual Communication at Royal College of Art (2016) and a BA in Graphic and Media Design and Illustration at London College of Communication (2013). Her work moves between performance and installation, and stands upon collaboration and conversation. Her practice uses food, people and spaces to question our surroundings, propose new exchanges and discussions and investigates food’s endless potential for togetherness. She has worked and exhibited across Portugal, Spain, UK and Greece. Inês founded Mesa, a project that exists in the form of various eating experiences and supper clubs, which challenge our encounters with art, working as platforms for creative discussion and conversation.

Inês Neto dos Santos é artista multi-disciplinar, nascida em Lisboa (1992) e actualmente sediada em Londres. Foi lá que completou um Mestrado em Visual Communication na Royal College of Art (2016) e um Licenciatura em Graphic and Media Design and Illustration na London College of Communication (2013). O seu trabalho usa a performance e a instalação, e baseia-se em colaborações, conversas e discussões. Utiliza comida, pessoas e espaços como ferramentas para questionar o que nos rodeia, propor novas trocas de conhecimento e ideias, investigando o enorme potencial que a comida tem para nos unir. Já expôs e trabalhou em Portugal, Espanha, Reino Unido e Grécia. Fundou o projecto Mesa, que existe através de supper clubs e outras experiências com comida, para desafiar os nossos encontros com Arte e dar aso a novos debates criativos.