Illustration School

The Illustration School, based in Porto (Portugal), is an international research and pedagogical platform that aims to investigate the expanded role of the illustrator as researcher, editor, publisher and working across media. Since it was founded in 2016, the school has been providing an environment to examine and explore a variety of different approaches to illustration and the construction of visual narratives with attention to disciplinary shifts in the field of visual communication, such as calligraphy, architecture, bookbinding, typography, food, collage, textile design, creative writing, printmaking and self-publishing.

Visual Research

With visual research at the centre of its ethos, the school invites various tutors from a diverse range of disciplines and countries, in relation to its multiple objects of study. From conferences to workshops, seminars, field trips and public debate sessions, the courses function as residencies, with tutors adapting to the participants’ needs, education level and expertise. The school is based in the centre of Porto but aims to provide a decentralised education, making use of the city’s many resources and infrastructure through a variety of partnerships and ongoing collaborations.


Illustration School
illustration, research, publishing

Rua Coutinho de Azevedo 22
4000-187 Porto, Portugal
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